2nd Trimester and Self-Care

I just started my third trimester last week <<insert multiple shocked face emojis>>. I cannot believe it. I’m not sure where the time went! The second trimester is characteristically known as the period in your pregnancy when you feel the best. Morning sickness is normally gone, you’re not so big that you’re crazy uncomfortable, etc. […]

Five Things Friday: Pelvic Health Edition

I decided to switch it up this Friday and do my list on one of my favorite topics – Pelvic Health Five things you may not know about {your} pelvic health: 1. Did you know your pelvic floor is a main component of your core? Also, side caveat, everyone has a pelvic floor – it […]

Five things Friday 

It’s been a busy day (and last evening) but I am finally getting around to today’s post. I spent all day in downtown Baltimore at Expo East. It’s an expo for natural&organic food retailers and producers, beauty products, homecare products and more. The expo actually started on Wednesday and goes till tomorrow. I wish I […]