Five Things Friday

1. Slow mornings. I bought a new coffee creamer + collagen, gingerbread flavor (you may have seen it on my instagram). I combined 1 scoop of it + nutpods pumpkin spice creamer + a smidge of maple syrup in my decaf coffee. It’s divine. I’m enjoying the quiet and a nice warm drink before my little guy wakes up.

2. Little baby kicks. Baby boy #2 is growing and I can definitely tell. I feel him a lot now and his rolling and kicking (as long as it’s not my bladder) brings a smile to face every time.

3. Toddler adventures in teething. My little guy is teething and it’s been a rough week for him. All in all he’s done really well, but I tried to workout 2x and he was not having me being away from him. I was able to get in a workout yesterday but the mom guilt of knowing he was upset on/off while I was out in the gym was not great. I was glad to get it in and done and I know it helped my mood the rest of the day which in the long run is better for him, which I keep telling myself, but I still feel bad. Sometimes you can’t truly win.

4. The First Forty Days, The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother. I have been really enjoying slowly going through this book. The author has a wonderful perspective on postpartum health and healing that brings in a lot of ideas from her background/heritage but also takes in to account the modern mama and what we’re up against with societal pressures. I plan to do a recap/review once I’ve worked my way through it all. For now I’ll leave you with a quote in the section about accepting and celebrating your postpartum body that I especially loved.

5. A new lamp. The little things are helping each day. Right now we are living in transition in a small apartment and a lot of our belongings are still in boxes on various walls throughout. Our bedroom is actually very spacious but it only has one small-ish window and it’s not facing east or west (I think it’s facing north, but I am terrible with direction so don’t quote me on that). We have one tall lamp in the room, but had to move it closer to the window at the far side of the room because of where the outlet that’s connected to the light switch is and where boxes are stacked. I’m fine with it being a bit darker in the mornings and evenings when the sun is rising and setting, but during the day it was still quite dark and I need light. Sunlight is best, but if I can’t get that I crave at least some sort of light and brightness. Well, I was at Target and finally just bought a lamp to sit on my dresser in a different part of the room. It’s not big, it wasn’t expensive and I think it’s cute and that we will be able to repurpose to fit in somewhere whenever we do move, but either way, the extra light it provides makes my heart happy every time I turn it on.

Happy Friday 🙂

<3 – Brittany

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