2nd Trimester and Self-Care

I just started my third trimester last week <<insert multiple shocked face emojis>>. I cannot believe it. I’m not sure where the time went! The second trimester is characteristically known as the period in your pregnancy when you feel the best. Morning sickness is normally gone, you’re not so big that you’re crazy uncomfortable, etc. This was definitely the case for me when I was pregnant with my first, this time around though, it hasn’t been near as comfortable.

I get some right low back/SI discomfort in general (but very infrequently) whether I’m pregnant or not. But, while pregnant, with all the hormones and body changes along with added weight and however my little guy decides to move/lay around one day versus the next I get it frequently and quite intense at times. This occurred in my first pregnancy also and would really limit my activity (mostly in the third trimester), but this time around it came on quicker, happen more often, and is more intense. Yay. This is quite a bummer especially when you have to chase around a toddler all day, but it’s made me be more intentional with my self-care and comfort measures.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do have a lot of really good days and I have still been able to workout pretty comfortably 1-2x/week and do lots of trips and such, it just is a noticeable difference from the first time around.

I decided to round up my favorite products, self-care practices, etc. for my second trimester. They have definitely helped me and maybe they can help you or a pregnant mama in your life!

1.Pregnancy pillow  Ι 2.Natural Calm Ι 3. Yeti water/drink Tumbler Ι 4. PLO Belly Blossom Serum + Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion Ι 5. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Ι 6. Hypnobirthing Tracks Ι 7. Spinning Babies website  Ι 8.Massage(s)
  1. Pregnancy pillow : This has been a life-saver for me from early on in my second trimester. Like I said my lowback/SI has giving me fits sooner and this is part of what keeps me okay when I start out every morning. It really helps to keep me comfortable no matter which way I turn, and the first time around it was hard to get rid of it post-partum because it’s so comfortable – but I had a baby to snuggle then, so it made it easier. The pillow I bought is Bumpnest brand (I got it when I was pregnant with my first), but it is no longer being made -which actually makes me really sad because I wanted to get a new cover for it. The snoogle is very similar to mine and gets great reviews.
  2. Natural Calm : I love using this supplement as a night-cap, it has magnesium which in general (blanket statement) we tend to be deficient or close to deficient on. Magnesium, which is what’s in epsom salts if you use those for relaxation or tired muscles during a bath, does just that, but I don’t have to try to get myself in my tiny tub for a bath and it helps me sleep. You just mix 1-2tsp with a couple ounces of hot water and then you can add more water or just drink the small amount (I do the latter). I personally like the unflavored version (there’s flavored versions, but they have a sweetner and I don’t like how that makes it taste). It can also help with regularity if ya know what I mean, so make sure to not over-do it too soon with how much you use. 
  3. Yeti water/drink tumbler : Water, water, water. If you’ve been pregnant before you know you need to drink alot of water, like a lot. I like my water chilled the best, so having this large 30oz tumbler that I can re-fill throughout the day is great. I aim to go through atleast 3 full tumbler’s a day.
  4. PLO Belly Blossom Serum + Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion : I’ve felt like I’ve “popped” a lot quicker and sooner with this little guy. I think that’s a common sentiment from second time moms. Stretch marks often have to do a lot with genetics, but if I can help to decrease the onset and severity of them, I mean why not!? The first time around I used just the belly blossom serum from maybe later in my second trimester till my little guy was born. This time around I’ve been using both the serum and Beautycounter’s body lotion for my not only my growing belly, but arms and legs too. I side on the side of very dry while pregnant and the extra moisture from both has been wonderful. I love the smell of them. I use both the serum and lotion before bed, concentrating the serum on the places most likely to get stretch marks and then use just Beautycounter’s lotion during the daytime. It has been wonderful when I’m feeling a little dry and itchy over my stomach in the middle of the day.
  5. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides : This one goes along with #4 and this is a supplement I use pregnant or not, I’ve just been intentional about upping my consumption while pregnant. Collagen has many benefits, but specifically for skin it can help restore the moisture and improve the elasticity, tone and vibrancy. It also is an added dose of protein. The powder mixes easily in to any liquid (hot or cold) has no flavor or change in the texture of the drink. I love adding it to my morning tea or coffee. I try to add it in daily, but probably get closer to 4-5x/week. There are bunches of brands out there that sell collagen but so far of the ones I’ve tried I like this one best.
  6. Spinning Babies website : I knew about this website back with my first pregnancy, but did not do the recommended movements to help with baby positioning and comfort very much/often. I have no idea if doing the movements would have changed anything about my labor, but I figure this time around mise-well do all I can to try and prevent another 36-hr, back-labor experience. And in general, keeping moving and doing stretches will only benefit me now especially with the discomfort I have been getting. They’ve greatly improved their website from when I was pregnant the first time around so that’s nice. It’s a good website to check out even if you don’t have too many aches and pains while pregnant, lots of good info on it about things you can do while in labor also. 
  7. Hypnobirthing tracks : Dustin and I took a hypnobirthing prep class last time around and while I wasn’t able to really get in to “hypnosis” and breath through the contractions (of back labor) like they show in so many of their birth videos, listening to the tracks was still helpful. What I’m using the tracks for right now is actually to help me sleep! That’s not really the point of the tracks, you are supposed to be awake during the whole track, just in a state of “hypnosis” and then come back out at the end, but starting them while I’m in bed has allowed me to turn my brain off from thinking about everything I did that day and need to do the next and relax in to sleep. I concentrate on the words of the tracks instead of my own thoughts and it has been a big help. I’m also planning to practice this at times when I don’t plan to fall asleep more often so that hopefully this time around I can use this method during labor and transition more effectively.
  8. Massage(s) : These have been essential for helping with my low back and SI soreness. I’ve only gotten one from an actual massage therapist, all the others have come from my wonderful hubby, but I will most likely get one or two more done professionally before #2 arrives. Some nights I feel like I won’t be able to walk the next day and movement of my legs sends a jolt through my pelvis and almost tears to my eyes, but a combination of applying the serum & lotion before bed, listening to the tracks, and a gentle massage helps to ease my discomfort and I am so so grateful.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

<3 – Brittany

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