Five Things Friday

  1. Travel. I am not traveling too far, but this weekend I am headed to Pittsburgh for a PT continuing education course. I am so excited for it. It’s a continuation course of the foundations that Julie Wiebe teaches about the piston system and pelvic+women’s health. Since I haven’t been practicing in several months it will be really nice to have my PT hat and brain fully on for two days. And anytime I can hear Julie talk and learn from her I will. 
  2. Nervousness. With the course this weekend I’m actually spending 4 days in Pittsburgh. Dustin is joining me on Saturday and we’re going to explore the city a bit after my course is over for a couple days. I’m not nervous about that, but I am nervous (but excited also) because I am dropping off my little guy at Dustin’s parents on Friday and this will be the longest I’ve been away from him since he was born almost 16 months ago. It will be very nice to have the time away to just relax and hang out with Dustin especially, but I already feel like I’m missing my little guy and he’s not even gone yet. It’s a constant swing of emotions for sure. 
  3. Trying something new. I have been experimenting with different lipstick colors this week and it’s been fun. It’s pretty amazing how adding a pop of color to your lips/face can change your whole mood. The colors I’ve been experimenting with are from Beautycounter’s holiday collection, the lip intense set. And let me tell you, they can definitely be intense (but in a good way)! I need to work better on coordination g that color not not with my other makeup but my outdoor bit either way it’s been fun. I love the way they feeel on my lips, super moisturizing and glide on so smoothly, and they’re longer lasting than the traditional lip sheers. Also a lot of makeup and lipstick have heavy metals/lead in them and Beautycounter does third party testing to verify that their formulations are heavy metal free and so I love getting the pop of color and not having to worry about what is in the lip stick that I may be ingesting while wearing it.  
  4. Little kicks. My little guy #2 is mover just like his brother. I love feeling the kicks (except when it’s to my bladder) all throughout my day. It really just is amazing. 
  5. Over-thinker. I posted this on my Instagram and it’s just so true. I overthink and analyze everything. Especially my interactions with others. I hate thinking that I can word awkward or weird or made someone feel an emotion I wouldn’t want to feel and then I fret about it. It’s something I try to work on knowing that I can’t please everyone and sometimes unfortunately things just don’t come out right, but I’m human and it’s pretty common, so there’s that too. It’s nice to know you’re not alone with how you function even though we’re all so different. But either way I saw this post today and I just love when simple and semi-comical memes explain how I feel so well.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! What are your favorite places to visit in Pittsburgh? If you have any recommendations for things to do, see or eat send them my way! 
<3- Brittany 

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