Instagram Post 10.15.19 The Pelvic Health Podcast Crossfit and Pelvic Health Considerations in Pregnancy

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Absolutely loved this podcast from Lori Forner and her guest Candace. Integrating pelvic health considerations with continuing fitness and return to fitness during pregnancy and postpartum is something I am super passionate about. Take a listen if you are into CrossFit or really any moderate or higher level intensity activity. The concepts discussed in this podcast can be applied across the board with any exercise you’re doing during this time in your life. I’m very excited to be getting back into working on this with individuals so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions ❤️
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Considerations for #Crossfit in #pregnancy – a very simple summary of my chat with Crossfit coach @candxxlamb on The Pelvic Health Podcast. Most women can continue safely during pregnancy, but it’s also not a time for women to push themselves as hard as they can. Priorities change. Have a listen and don’t forget to check out @shenashville for great tips ❤️

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