About Me

Hello, I’m Brittany and welcome to Finding a Fine Feather!

I am so glad you decided to stop by my little corner of the web. I was born and raised in Ohio in a small little farm-town that will always be home, but since then I’ve traveled a little bit further away and currently live on the East Coast in Maryland with my husband, little guy and 2 cats. 

I have always been active and involved in all the sports and extracurricular activities throughout my life (well as many extracurriculars that a small town of <250 people will have) and this has shaped me and my passions in to my adult life. Right after high school I began the Physical Therapist Assistant program at the local community college and graduated in 2009 and began working. I loved my job but didn’t feel ready to be “done” with learning so I continued my undergraduate career at The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) majoring in Exercise Science.

Fun fact OSU is also where I met my husband.

Whether because I really liked learning more or I just didn’t feel like I had enough college loans after finishing at OSU, I continued to work full-time for about a full year before starting at The University of Findlay for my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The program I completed allowed me to work part-time as a PTA during the week and then I was on campus every-other week for the weekend for about 2.5 years (3 year program total, but the last half was clinicals).

During my undergrad and graduate career I had a blog for a little while (not well maintained), I got really in to running and triathlons (I miss tri’s!), I began to care more about my health from the inside out, and also found the pelvic health world. The last part didn’t happen till during graduate school, but it was a biggie in fueling my passion for my current career.

Since finishing my DPT program, becoming a licensed PT, getting married, moving away from home, annnnd having my little guy it seems that so much as changed but at the same time so much is the same (isn’t that always case?). I have shifted my workouts and do mostly Crossfit or what I can fit in with a Toddler running around. Another fun fact, I’m also a CF-L1 trainer (Crossfit Level 1 trainer). I have done a lot of research on improving the way I fuel myself and family but don’t subscribe to one “perfect” cut and dry way of eating. Eating whole, nutritious, real food is what helps me feel my best, but I don’t have any specific allergies or intolerances that I know of and I believe that ice cream (Jeni’s please and thank you), cookies, cake, and a really good chewy crusty bread (preferably with a dippy egg, smashed avo on top, or homemade jam) can make pretty much any day better. I’ve also relatively recently embarked on changing what goes on body and the things I come in contact with every day. From my household cleaners, soaps and detergents to my skin care, makeup and hair care. 

I’m a constant work-in-progress, I learn something new about myself everyday along with making plenty of mistakes along the way.

I believe in self-love and taking care of yourself. As a new mom and someone who works daily with women I believe we need not only more, but better information on how to care for ourselves, love ourselves, recover and rebuild from all that we go through. There has been so much work done in the past couple years to get the word out about women’s/pelvic health, but it’s also become “trendy” and as a health professional that makes a lot of what I read almost cringe-worthy in this social-media driven world. Like I said I don’t know it all, but I’ve learned and continue to learn everyday from extremely smart and wonderful individuals. So, a lot of what I write will be rooted in personal experience, but if I can help others by sharing and educating that’s what I want to do.


So this little space of mine is going to encompass all of it.

Little bits of life, of all the different parts of me.

I’m random and I think about a million different things at once.

I love chocolate, wine, ice cream and a good fresh salad (maybe all in the same meal).

I overuse emojis and smilies and want to be completely sincere in all that I say, so I tend to “over-explain”

I can get super defensive and it’s something I’m always working on – I blame having two very strongly opinionated brothers who know how to push my buttons (but I love dearly).

I have a bigfamily that is growing, growing, growing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I tend to jump from one interest to another and can get bored quickly. It’s work to stay the path, even if it’s my passion, but it’s worth-it work.

I love organization especially if it’s visually appealing and use a mix of digital and old-school pen & paper methods that make my heart happy.

I take too many pictures – thanks Dad.

I’m terrible with grammar.

I seriously geek out with all things related to pelvic health.

I get serious wanderlust but am a true homebody at heart.

I can ramble like nobodies business.


And on that note, that’s “about me” for now.

<3 – Brittany